Get more from each transaction with eyos

Our POS-agnostic software works silently in the background to connect you with promotions from leading CPG brands and advertisements from e-commerce giants. This requires no training, no additional actions from your store manager, or investment from your side.

A printed receipt showing a coupon with barcode

How it works

eyos technology

Our software transforms your POS-system into a marketing machine, making each shopping experience more enjoyable and valuable.

eyos prism screen with printed coupon
Receipt promotions

Brand-funded Offers and Coupons

As soon as your cashier scans the items, eyos prism runs automated checks in real-time and applies for any available promotions from brands. No additional action is required from your store manager/cashier.

affiliate marketing receipt with QR Code

Affiliate Campaigns

You can also earn extra revenue by displaying QR codes of campaigns from leading advertisers and e-commerce giants like Lazada, Shoppee and many more. The more customers scan the QR codes and make purchases, the higher your commission.